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YouTube Adds New Features for Podcasters

The Future of Digital Video Creation on YouTube

YouTube has announced new features for podcasters, acknowledging the increasing popularity of podcasts on the platform. According to YouTube's chief product officer Neal Mohan, the video-sharing site is now the second most popular destination for listening to podcasts. To make it easier for creators and artists to showcase their podcasts on YouTube, the company has introduced several new features.

The first of these features is a "Podcasts" tab that appears on the channel page of YouTube creators, making it easier for fans to find their favorite shows and keep up with new episodes. Previously, creators had to organize their podcast uploads into a playlist, but the new system is much more streamlined and separates any uploads that the creators have marked as a podcast by different shows.

The second feature is that YouTube will start bringing both audio and video-first podcasts to the millions of people who use YouTube Music in the United States. More regions are expected to be added soon. However, there is no word yet on when podcasts will join the YouTube Music app.

The third feature is that RSS integration will offer podcasters another way to upload their shows to YouTube and give users more listening options. According to Mohan, creators want more than just a place to hit upload. They need sophisticated tools to grow their ambitions across Shorts, live, podcasts, and more.

The fourth feature is a creation tool that lets creators record a Short in a side-by-side layout with both Shorts and YouTube videos, allowing them to add their own take on a trend or join in with reactions.

The addition of these new features reflects YouTube's commitment to podcasters and its vision for the future of digital video creation. As the competition for podcast listeners heats up, YouTube's unique draw as the home of video podcasts in addition to audio could be a significant advantage. Overall, these new features are a welcome addition for podcasters who are looking to expand their reach and grow their audiences.

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