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Students between grades 5 and 12 encouraged to tell their story

The high school years are possible the most influential in your life. Whether they are full of great memories or traumatizing events. There's no doubt about it: being a kid is tough. NPR (National Public Radio) is hosting a competition for those Arkansas students who want to tell the world what their story through podcasting.

From the NPR website: "We're inviting students from around the country to create a podcast and compete for a chance to have your work featured on NPR!

Students from 5th grade through college are eligible to participate, but the rules vary depending on your grade. RSVP below to learn more.

Make your voice heard — become a part of NPR's Student Podcast Challenge!"

This year's theme is based on mental health. In order to qualify, you must be a student working with your class between 5th and 12th grade, recording a podcast on what mental health means to you. Each podcast should be between 5 and 8 minutes and submitted by your teacher before April 28.

The grand prize for winning the competition is being featured on NPR's national morning shows, where the majority of their listenership happens.

You can read the full submission guide via their official website at

If your classroom is interested in entering the contest, we recommend reaching out to Power of the Pod to help you record and edit in a format that is professional and in-line with the regulations of the contest.

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