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This name generator will even tell you what to talk about on your podcast is always innovating new ways to get podcasters involved. The online podcast distribution service has been slowly rolling out new features to keep their podsters engaged on their platform. This comes as no surprise considering the company was purchased by audio media giant Spotify in 2019. The changes being made became evident when features released to post video versions on Spotify and most recently a Spotify Wrapped equivalent specifically for each podcast.

The latest feature has its own digital real estate on Spotify's own website. Branded as a podcast name generator, it actually gives you a content suggestions as an added bonus. The Arkast team tested the new tool to see just how good these names are (most online name generators are very generic). The verdict: it's surprisingly not bad!

Here are a few of the suggestions we randomly received:

Podcast name: Being Tall Isn’t Even That Cool

Content: A podcast by short royalty for short royalty that destigmatizes life and dating for the four-or-five-foot-something community.

Podcast name: Self-Loathing Comedian Loathes Self

Content: A comedian tells all and interviews industry peers in hopes they'll do the same.

Podcast name: Nice Nice Mean

Content: Three hosts, two nice and one mean, review movies, products, music, tv, etc.

These suggestions actually made us laugh out loud. Not because they're bad ideas, but because they're genuinely funny and could absolutely work. This writer particularly wants to listen to Nice Nice Mean.

This name generator is a great tool for anyone who has ever thought about creating a podcast but didn't know what to christen it or which subject to focus on. You can use the Anchor podcast name generator here:

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