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The DESIGN DEDUX™ Podcast explores creating success in design education for educators, mentors, and practitioners pursuing success in their work. "Dedux," meaning derived in Latin, is a very important element to the podcast discussion on design education — as in a young designers approach to design is a derivative of the design that has come before them as they add their design voice to the discussion on design, visually and intellectually. The mission, create motivational dialog and encouraging discussion on design education in an ever-changing creative and visual field to promote and inspire the studies and professional success in art and design. The vision, to generate conversation on the ever-changing environment of art and design to initiate exploration and insight into a transformative experience, successively, refreshing and invigorating the future potential of artists and designers. In transformative times, Teaching, learning, and practicing art and design requires new perspectives. The DESIGN DEDUX™ Podcast offers the platform for the exchange and delivery of that dialog to promote and encourage ideas necessary for transformation in an ever evolving discipline of design education.

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