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The unfiltered and unedited podcast where we spill the beans, the tea, and sometimes even the coffee, on the messy world of entrepreneurship. Join our fearless hosts, savvy business and marketing strategist, and a life and mindset coach, as they guide you through the uncharted waters of building an empire.

We're ditching the polished facade and embracing the chaos that comes with chasing dreams. We are tackling the "blah" moments too, and showing you how to revamp, revive, and reignite that passion you had when you first started.

And remember, there's no filter here. You'll hear the good, the bad, and the hilariously ugly as we riff off each other, dropping wisdom nuggets and hilarious anecdotes in equal measure. So, grab your earbuds and tune in every Tuesday as we serve up the real deal on your favorite podcast platforms.

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