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Are you trying to grow your podcast? Want to be introduced to the heavy hitters in the industry? Want to meet your listeners and gain lifetime fans? ARKAST is here to help you kick open the doors you can't seem to open and give you an arena of screaming supporters waving flags with your face on them as you walk into the golden holy glow of podcast greatness. 

The Podcasting Event You've Been Looking For


Get your hands on this year's exclusive shirts, mugs, notebooks and more.

ARKAST Kickoff

Delta Hotels in Little Rock, Arkansas

September 14, 2024

Arkast Presents:
A Halloween Podcast Live

Ron Robinson Theater in Little Rock, Arkansas

October 16, 2024


Fayetteville Public Library In Fayetteville, Arkansas

November 14-16

Event Dates

ARKAST, the annual podcast festival, takes place across several cities and dates. Each portion of ARKAST offers a completely different platter of experiences, but all of them are guaranteed to be unforgettable (in the good way). Select an event to get tickets and more information.

Our Vision

ARKAST was created in 2022 out of the need for podcasters in the flyover states to be recognized and boosted in their pursuit of podcasting greatness. We work hard every year to foster a diverse and thriving podcasting community. 

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The future of podcasting is bright and there are thousands of stories to tell with plenty of room for new voices. We envision Arkansas positioning itself as a standout in the podcasting industry across the world.

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We are always looking for talented and knowledgable people to add value to every day of the festival. Here are a few ways how you can make this year's festival your own:

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